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Jun 2016
Jun 21 2016 05:06

hi i have query can i redirect to external url on click of ion-tab

i tried below code but it did not worked

<ion-tab title="tab1" icon="ion-home" href="">
<ion-nav-view name="tab1-home"></ion-nav-view>

Harish Gadiya
Jun 21 2016 06:20

Hi i need to mock the websockets connection for unit testing and mock-socket package giving me error cannot find module

Can anyone help me out

Mike Cooke
Jun 21 2016 15:33
I just tried making a new ionic v2 project using the tutorial starter and passed the --no-ts flag but it still seems to be using typescript. Anyone else run into this?
Batuhan Wilhelm
Jun 21 2016 22:04
Hello people. I'm thinking about mobile application both for Ios and Android. I will create Rails 5 API mode application which renders json. And I want to use them for mobile applications. Is it possible ? Do you have any suggestions, anything?