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Jun 2016
Kim Biesbjerg
Jun 23 2016 00:08
Anyone ever tried that changedetection ran fine on iOS and desktop browsers but not when running on device on Android?
Celso Wo
Jun 23 2016 15:01
Hi Guys, I'm new to ionic 2, I have a doubt. Is there a way to get navbar back button event ?
I searched the docs, but didn't find anything.
Jun 23 2016 19:07
Hey people - not trying to kill this channel or anything, but I see a ton of unanswered ionic questions, so I figure it's worth pointing out that the Ionic team is much more active on their slack channel (
Do note there is a sub-channel for v2; but their dev advocate is pretty much always on during regular US business hours.
Also might be worth checking the github issues page - for example, @stomlien_twitter it looks like your question has been filed as an issue recently: driftyco/ionic#7023