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Jul 2016
Valentyn Shybanov
Jul 01 2016 10:17
@cherylhanlon are you using with ionic2? Because as I see that lib use redirect strategy, not popup.... So it's quite hard to use it with ionic2.
Robert Galeano
Jul 01 2016 16:50
Hello guys, i'm making an app in ionic2/angular2 and i have a little problem making the login, because i need the app to detect when a user connects and another user is connected to kickout the other guy and send him to login page again
just like snapchat does
just like snapchat does
any suggestion ?
i already have a backend service that detects when the session token is valid, i just wanna know how to call it in a given interval of time and to not overload the mobile app with that running
an observable maybe?