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Jul 2016
Jul 26 2016 10:24
Anyone know of anyone looking for full-stack dev contractors (Drupal, Symfony, Angular, Magento, WebRTC.)? must be remote-friendly.
Jul 26 2016 11:01
@Ksedrupal I work for a company that does that
Has anyone used the new forms module with ionic 2 yet? having a couple of issues I’m trying to work around.
blop.. blop..
Jul 26 2016 18:43
how can i make a popover component in the app component tree?, for example I encounter this senario I have user service for example and I can preform login to current user. so I set in the home a popover component that will have logout, my case here is I need to external mofidy the popover component like Popover.create(component) so the component not in my home component tree herercial. I can i resolve this issue without set the user service as provider in popover component?