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Aug 2016
Aug 12 2016 14:59
New Question.. I have this value in my html : {{(item | async )?.$key}}
How can I send this value to my function: <img src="{{(item | async)?.src}}" class="lazy" alt="Image" (load)="imageLoaded(<THE_VALUE>)">
I tried this : (load)="imageLoaded({{(item | async )?.$key}} )" but I get this error :
Parser Error: Got interpolation ({{}}) where expression was expected at column 13 in [imageLoaded(+{{(item | async )?.$key}}+)] in Page1@44:85 (\"list | async\">
<img src=\"{{(item | async)?.src}}\" class=\"lazy\" alt=\"Image\" [ERROR ->](load)=\"imageLoaded(+{{(item | async )?.$key}}+)\">
Aug 12 2016 15:47
Hi everyone, I have a small ask about bundling in ionic2. I see you have preferred browserify to webpack, maybe you can explain me what has motivated your choice? thank you by advance
Aug 12 2016 18:17
Hello please how do I read data from a $firebasearray object
Aug 12 2016 19:09
Why don't you use the new angularfire2 ?