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Aug 2016
Didier Baquier
Aug 16 2016 04:25 UTC
some help would be appreciated, thanks
Markus Werle
Aug 16 2016 07:36 UTC
Hi! Could someone check out the problem described at
Stephan Kristyn
Aug 16 2016 11:33 UTC
Hi guys Hi have this problem with seeing
reflective_provider.js:170 Uncaught Invalid provider - only instances of Provider and Type are allowed, got: undefined
Unfortunately.... I have no idea how to debug this crap message
Markus Werle
Aug 16 2016 13:09 UTC
The problem is best seen in this small screencast:
Rob Wormald
Aug 16 2016 17:43 UTC
@daixtrose for a start, your intervals inside the gauges are going to fire a lot of change detection