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Aug 2016
Frank Cooke
Aug 17 2016 03:47
Hey everyone...having an issue with an ion-icon rendering inside of a ion-navbar. I'm currently on beta 7 and can't upgrade. Not sure if this is why I'm having this issue, just wondering if someone can shed some light.
<ion-navbar *navbar class="hide-border service-providers-nav">
    <ion-buttons start>
            <ion-icon name="ios-back-arrow"></ion-icon>
        Service Provider Category
Markus Werle
Aug 17 2016 06:25
@robwormald That is a simulatuion of reality (TM) and the reason for sampling and updating the graphs only 4 times per second. Since CPU is around 30% we definitely do have another issue than CPU resources.
Rob Wormald
Aug 17 2016 06:35
yeah, but you're running way more change detection than you think you are.
you need to move your zone.runOutsideAngular calls outside the .subscribe call
Markus Werle
Aug 17 2016 07:06
@robwormald Now I am curious. I am running zone calls only 4 times a second. How can this kill the app?
 this.chartUpdateTask = setInterval(() => { => {
          this.chart.update(0, false);
    }, 250);
Markus Werle
Aug 17 2016 07:28
@robwormald I hope you did not go to bed now. ;-P
Aug 17 2016 11:25
Can any one help me on this ??
Stephan Kristyn
Aug 17 2016 15:26
Hi I have immense problems styling our Ionic 2 Menu
I have defined many styles (first element, list, toggles, last element you name it) in order to achieve the wanted streamlined ICON-TITLE behaviour as we all know it from thousands of apps
Is there a best practice how to do this?