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Aug 2016
Dzu Pham
Aug 18 2016 01:15
Hello, does anyone know of a typescript base clock so I can use it to display on my webpage?
Stephan Kristyn
Aug 18 2016 12:32
Hi guys is it possible to have hooks into the back button of navbar in ionic 2?
Valentyn Shybanov
Aug 18 2016 12:33
@daixtrose just curious - if you put only gauges without chart, do you still have performance issues? Also did you tried to investigate Timeline tab in Chrome - what takes time - rendering, calculations etc
Valentyn Shybanov
Aug 18 2016 12:40
@nottinhill you can use ionViewWillLeave method
declare it on your page and it should be called
Stephan Kristyn
Aug 18 2016 12:49
@olostan Thanks man, will try and report back
Stephan Kristyn
Aug 18 2016 13:30
Yea but this only works fdirectly on page no?
How to do this on a global level, e.g. in our navbar / directive?
Asad Sahi
Aug 18 2016 14:40
is ionic 2 been upgraded wrt angular 2 rc5?
Antonio Gallo
Aug 18 2016 23:59
@asadsahi ionic beta 10 uses angular rc3