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Aug 2016
Antonio Gallo
Aug 19 2016 00:00 UTC
@asadsahi thats why i'm still "on hold" on a few test projects. i created a little ebook-editor app with angular2 rc5 and noticed the rc4->5 form thing :)
Asad Sahi
Aug 19 2016 08:57 UTC
@badpenguin RC5 had a ripple effect since previous RCs, hence taking long I guess. :)
Is there any good list of ionic 2 sample apps. The one I am currently looking at is the ionic-conference-app by ionic 2 team. But any good similar app with more native features etc? Thanks
Antonio Gallo
Aug 19 2016 12:34 UTC
@asadsahi i don't know. i don't see any change in ionic. it seems just a port to angular2 to me. i think you're confused about "native". Cordova is a webview. For native stuff you need to install or develop plugins. Don't get fooled by marketing stuff like "ionic native" its just the same old plugin that's available via NPM :-P
Asad Sahi
Aug 19 2016 13:03 UTC
Was under the same impression that ionic is build on top of cordova and native abilities of mobile are leveraged using cordova plugins. Even then I was looking some example applications as beginner. :)
blop.. blop..
Aug 19 2016 14:44 UTC
<button [navPush]="ForgotPasswordPage" [navParams]="login"></button>
not working cant handle app.bundle.js:44251 EXCEPTION: Error: Uncaught (in promise): Cannot assign to a reference or variable!
blop.. blop..
Aug 19 2016 15:03 UTC
I pass reference on my oninit lifecycle method this.ForgotPasswordPage = ForgotPasswordPage
this way is deprecated or something?
Markus Werle
Aug 19 2016 15:09 UTC
@olostan Look at the code : you can switch off/on gauges and yt plot. Alos see the update of the experiment on daixtrose/ionic2-performance-issue-demo#3
@olostan The effect is so strong you can see that the number of sent messages is reduced. This means even the async observables stop delivering at the requested feequency when gauges are on. I have absolutely no idea what is going wrong. A real headache
@olostan Chrome timeline did not reveal it to me - which means nothing. I am new in the Angular circus
Aug 19 2016 15:38 UTC
Hello please help me. I am trying to create a local notification using the cordova-localnotification-plugin but after addding it to my project and try to create notification I get ' Error: $window.cordova is undefined'
I commented out $window.cordova.plugins.notification.local.schedule(options, function (result) {
}, scope);
in the ng-cordova.js file
and the error was gone but the notification wasn't showing
Thomas Menga
Aug 19 2016 16:00 UTC
hey guys, I'm trying to extends Ionic components for my project... So far I'm doing good, but I was wondering if it was "possible" to do something like you did in Ionic to load the components, a main components file that imports all the components ( But I can't get it to work, there's no error, but the components aren't working...
Any idea?