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Aug 2016
Ythalo Rossy Saldanha Lira
Aug 27 2016 00:49 UTC
@dirkteucher sorry for my lazy answer. I will look it.
blop.. blop..
Aug 27 2016 05:25 UTC
@ythalorossy yes I talked to you create a function called isMobile as util and set it to one of the request or payload body as parameter isMobile to the server enjoy.
Ythalo Rossy Saldanha Lira
Aug 27 2016 11:26 UTC
@bluethefish My problem is that I want denied fake request. The request can't come from outside of my application. I need avoid fake requests and simulated request. I don't know if this is possible.
Aug 27 2016 17:33 UTC

Ok i am learning angular2 as i go. I have advanced very well without getting data into the view. Now i am stuck.

        let token = '';"SELECT * FROM system WHERE title LIKE 'loginToken'").then((tokenData) => {
            if (tokenData.res.rows.length > 0) {
                for (let i = 0; i < tokenData.res.rows.length; i++) {
                    token = tokenData.res.rows.item(i).valu;
            // API Call Check if user has Active Trips. If no Active Trips set root to Fly
            this.apiService.getTripsAPI('{"token":"' + token + '"}').subscribe(
                apiData => {
                    if (apiData.code == "0x1983") {
                    } else if (apiData.code == "1x1983") {
                        console.log("Do Some Shit!");
                        this.trips = apiData.trips;
        }, (error) => {

Question is how to get this.trips into the html view

Aug 27 2016 20:55 UTC
I need to do a header with an image like this
maybe someone did something similar ?