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Aug 2016
Raphael Owino
Aug 31 2016 06:39
Hi all, My name is Raphael. I run a dev shop in Nairobi. We've been working on a ionic kitchen sink with the aim of creating a single resource for quick reference for developers, something like a blackbook for ionic, while also having a showcase of different ionic features in one place. We'd love to get some feedback from the ionic community. You can checkout the code at Play store and Appstore installs coming soon. Thanks for indulging us. Much appreciated.
Rob Wormald
Aug 31 2016 06:59
@rowino cool stuff :thumbsup:
Raphael Owino
Aug 31 2016 07:00
Thanks :)
Were you able to try it out?
Abubaker Shekhani
Aug 31 2016 07:33
I have Ionic 1 set up on my MAC.. I want to build app on Ionic 2 now. But if I set up ionic 2 on my MAC, then will I lose ionic 1? I have already apps on Ionic 1 in production so I need ionic 1 to stay as well
Ashley Hitchcock
Aug 31 2016 10:05
@Abubaker87_twitter Yes you can run both. The beta sdk is backwards compatible see:
Dima Dima
Aug 31 2016 12:27
hello! Who knows best way to migrate from ionic1 to ionic2 ts ?
blop.. blop..
Aug 31 2016 16:18
best way to create dynamic drop down list with default?