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Sep 2016
Sep 26 2016 06:29
Anyone know how to upload image in ionic 2 using file system?
Vevek Pandian
Sep 26 2016 07:12
Does Angular 2 support building a Web based app (Desktop) and Mobile (Hybrid for iOS and Android, not in PWA or Responsive) using a single code base? I don't want to separate apps for Desktop (Browser) and Mobile.
Sep 26 2016 07:13
Vevek Pandian
Sep 26 2016 07:16
Are there any samples?
Sep 26 2016 07:51
Hi guys ! Just to know, is the bluetooth connexion reliable with ionic2/angular2 ? I mean, is it fast ? Or is it better to have a native code ?
Sep 26 2016 11:05

@acorduan ive built both native and ionic hybrid ble apps. In my experience native is always faster / able to handle more demanding data processing and communication tasks.

Depending on the use case for the connection and the app in general you should decide if ionic is the right approach and if it's worth creating a hybrid app or not...

Valentyn Shybanov
Sep 26 2016 15:59
Do anyone has a problem with ionic 2 (2.1.0 that uses ng2 release and web pack) with not recompiling templates? I run ionic serve, everything works ok until i change templates - app reloads, but templates are without my changes.
Only stopping ionic serve and run again helps… making development process extremely slow
Interesting that in logs, ionic serve see changes and start recompilation… but with old templates :(
Valentyn Shybanov
Sep 26 2016 16:10
Trying to dig into @ionic/app-scripts/ and can’t find where templates are used… seems in .tmp there are no templates...
seems plugin ng-template is not run when html file changed...
Valentyn Shybanov
Sep 26 2016 16:45
The only workaround I’ve found is disabling cache in ‘rollup`...
Sep 26 2016 17:33
hey folks! I'm developing my fist ionic2 app, which is also my first ng2 app.
I'm using express for backend and up till now i've only tested GET requests which work fine. I'm now sending a POST and the server just hangs, with the request status as Pending until it finally throws a ERR_EMPTY _RESPONSE. For the life of me I can't figure out what's wrong, particularly because the same request done via Postman works like a charm.
When I look at the network tab in the debugger the headers seem fine, 'Content-type' is set to JSON and the body is exactly the data I want. Has anyone ever had any similar issues?
Sep 26 2016 21:25
Hello Guys, is it possible to fire ngSubmit from a parent component ?