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Sep 2016
Prateek Desai
Sep 28 2016 04:59
new ionic app shows "ionic-angular": "^2.0.0-rc.0",
any idea why it is showing rc.0?
Sep 28 2016 06:07
I'm waiting for support stable NG2.0 :)
Sep 28 2016 07:53
Hi everyone I am new to angular any tips for learning any other chat room where I can get more info about it ?
Valentyn Shybanov
Sep 28 2016 11:53
@freshdev1 you can run the code where you put values ing - same as it was with Angular 1 $apply
I had same problem - when there were some values come from Firebase, changes were not reflected in UI until I've used NgZone
Sep 28 2016 12:02
@olostan I am not aware of ngZone. let me check that out.
Sep 28 2016 12:57
@olostan I think the trick will work. But I am not currently able to completely make sense of how to use it.
if you have any example do share that here.
I will implement that
Kyle Roach
Sep 28 2016 18:45
It's out!!!! Ionic rc 0
Valentyn Shybanov
Sep 28 2016 18:46
I am just trying to solve problems with it :( I can’t show hardware keyboard no matter what did I try
KeyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction does not work :(
Valentyn Shybanov
Sep 28 2016 18:57
Tried everything :( just don’t work… manually fired focus() on 100% correct input - no keyboard at all :(
Shit! document.activeElement == e —> true, and no keyboard. Moreover, .blur() and then .focus() also does not work :(
Valentyn Shybanov
Sep 28 2016 19:02
Kyle Roach
Sep 28 2016 19:03 doesn't work for you?
Valentyn Shybanov
Sep 28 2016 19:03
No. It’s WKWebView bug :(((
I’ve switched to it and seems I need to find how to switch back
Anyone knows how to painlessly switch back?
Thai Huynh
Sep 28 2016 22:04
does anyone know what's the proper way in include npm modules in ionic 2 RC0