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Sep 2016
Josh Garwood
Sep 30 2016 03:31
Hey folks!
Has anyone here successfully upgraded an existing ionic 2 app to ionic 2 RC0? I've been trying all day and it's been a very painful process
So tried to get the latest ionic-conference-app and it won't even compile
Sooo I feel like something is off, haha
anyone done this successfully by chance?
Juan Suarez
Sep 30 2016 03:43
Getting Started with Ionic 2 RC0, Firebase 3 + AngularFire 2:
Josh Garwood
Sep 30 2016 03:47
Thanks Juan! I'll give this a look
i can't even get the packages i need... according to their docs it looks like @angular is installed automatically, but i get build errors that it's not, even in their sample projects
Krishna Karki
Sep 30 2016 06:10
Guys how to do routing in Ionic 2?
Coenen Benjamin
Sep 30 2016 08:16
Hello guys, with the RC0 I saw that the directives array in @component is deprecated. So I feel very disapointed because, now how can I do when I want to make a standalone component ? Before I put my dependencies in directives array. Some idea ?
Denys Vuika
Sep 30 2016 08:17
@bnjjj Directives are deprecated by Angular 2.0.0 Final, not the RC0 itself. You can get more info in the official Angular 2 docs:
Coenen Benjamin
Sep 30 2016 08:20
Yes I know but how can I do now to make a standalone component as before. Because ngModule is at the root of the application :(
Egor Medvedev
Sep 30 2016 09:13
Hello there! Somebody help me. Then I try to build iOS I get this error in terminal - Error at /Users/egormedvedev/Documents/Bitbucket/sota/.tmp/app/app.module.ngfactory.ts:383:38: Module '"/Users/egormedvedev/Documents/Bitbucket/sota/.tmp/services/"' has no exported member '___Authenficate'. Error at /Users/egormedvedev/Documents/Bitbucket/sota/.tmp/app/app.module.ngfactory.ts:384:99: Property '___Authenficate' does not exist on type 'typeof "/Users/egormedvedev/Documents/Bitbucket/sota/.tmp/services/"'.
I set Injectalbe in service, import them in Component, and add service to providers in app.module
ionic 2 RC0
Please, help me :worried:
Egor Medvedev
Sep 30 2016 11:10
I find a solution, my service classes names __Authenficate it's wrong, they must be Pascal Case