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Oct 2016
Oct 08 2016 02:55
hi guys. . any one has example of using config from a seperate file? . i'am using ionic2 . . short sample would really be appreciated .. thanks
Rob Wormald
Oct 08 2016 03:20
@nottinhill you basically just need to define your factory for the translate module as a real exported function
export function translateLoaderFactory(http){ return new TranslateStaticLoader(http, "../../www/assets/i18n", ".json") }
Rodrigo Rubio
Oct 08 2016 03:28

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has already implemented pouchdb/couchdb on their apps as per this document

Swapnil Tripathi
Oct 08 2016 04:45
I am using api config and injecting using useValue it says. Resoving symbol value
How to solve it
Tim Leguijt
Oct 08 2016 11:28
@nottinhill thanks for your reply. For attributes that needs to be accessed by the template code I understand. But if I have a attribute only used within the component (or other type of class for that matter) it can be private
Oct 08 2016 20:52
who knows to make facebook login to app with ionic 2?