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Oct 2016
Antonio Gallo
Oct 14 2016 06:54
is the CSP meta tags still required in the main index.html ?
Oct 14 2016 08:38
Hey guys, I'm getting some weird errors here
I am suspecting it is due to some timing errors.
So I've got a bunch of components listening to a value on a provider/service
and I've also got a bunch of components that set values on this provider/service
so they're coupled
when I try to set an "initial" value, on the service, everything breaks
all the functions after this initial function break completely and only like a handful of functions actually get called
I log a bunch of stuff. The array in which I am setting the values in exists, it stores the values no problem
I even tried disabling all components listening to that service, so I ONLY set the values in it
still breaks
any ideas?
Kyle Roach
Oct 14 2016 10:16
@Alx101 How are you listening to the values? Where do you set the initial value?
Oct 14 2016 10:29
@iRoachie I set the initial value in "ngOnInit" on the component. I listen to it using a function. i.e.: [hidden]="shouldHide()"
and in that function I do "[id][fieldname] == this.testValue"
Oct 14 2016 10:53
Anybody know if the ionViewDidLoad propagates down components too?
Kyle Roach
Oct 14 2016 10:57
It doesn’t sound like you’re suscribing to changes.. You got the initial value, that was initiated with theshouldHide()
There’s you mentioned that gets new change when it’s made in the service
Oct 14 2016 12:23
No, I found the problem
It wasn't that it didn't listen, it did. But OTHER functionality broke too, unrelated buttons, navigations, that stuff
turns out when you got a bajillion things listening to an item, during initialization it is not a good idea to modify it
angular will break
so what you'll have to do is wait until the WHOLE tree has been resolved (I made a component call a function to unlock data access AFTER ALL of my items had been looped through in my *ngFor) before you access any data
Oct 14 2016 14:02
Anyone know if there's an option to make the fixed-input-label longer?
i.e, to allow more text inside before it clips it with ellipsis
Nazar Atamaniuk
Oct 14 2016 20:24
Hi guys