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Oct 2016
Juan Lucha
Oct 18 2016 08:31
Hi guys!
Some newbie questions!
Is ionic 2 using angular 2 release?
Swapnil Tripathi
Oct 18 2016 08:44
can any one suggest me how to add custom directive in my ionic2 app ? and ow can i use in ionic2.0 not able to inject it. Getting error only
Merel Staal
Oct 18 2016 11:15
@Ravencrow yes if you're using the new RC
Kevin Vavelin
Oct 18 2016 12:50
Hi guys, there is still no solution for my problem ? i am totally stuck with it :/
Kyle Roach
Oct 18 2016 12:51
Ohhh you have to call dismiss from the modal
Not the parent
Inject ViewController in the modal
Then call the dismiss method
Oct 18 2016 19:25
someone know how to get call logs with ionic native if such thing exist?
Oct 18 2016 19:32
sorry i meant call detection to get event when I get new phone call to my device*
Juan Lucha
Oct 18 2016 20:58
This ionic thing is in fact a angular2 application inside a browser inside an apk, right?
Is not a real native compilation, right¿