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Oct 2016
Kyle Roach
Oct 19 2016 00:35
@Ravencrow it's a hybrid app, it's running In a web view
Oct 19 2016 06:24
I can start debugging an ios app I deploy in debug mode from Visual Studio 2015 with Taco tools for cordova. I would prefer debugging experience with chrome://devices inspector for android where I can see a mirror of Android device in the left screen and all js or ts debugging (if source maps are produced). Is this possible.? I have yet to read this: I would like to use which is available as a chrome extension.
Oct 19 2016 07:28
@radrad You also can try vscode + chrome debugger extension.
Aamir Shah
Oct 19 2016 10:56
Hi! Can we push a modal into Navigation History Stack like this.navCtrl.push(someModalPage) ?
Oct 19 2016 12:20
Heyo, anyone know of a good angular 2 version of the old ion.rangeSlider?
Kevin Vavelin
Oct 19 2016 12:25
@iRoachie when you say, inject the view controller inside the modal and then call dismiss, i should call the dismiss method inside my modal from the navcontroller before ?
Oct 19 2016 12:27
@kevin_vavelin_twitter I answered your question on the forum
Kevin Vavelin
Oct 19 2016 12:27
@iRoachie because actually in my code, from my root page (which is Anna controller), I create the modal with modalController and then call present, and inside my modal I have the view controller injected, and i have a method close() who call this.viewCtrl.dismiss(), i am suppose to call the dismiss from the navController ?
@Alx101 oh thanks ! I will take a look :)
Oct 19 2016 12:28
@kevin_vavelin_twitter In your @Component decorator you use template: what that decorator means is that you define the template INLINE. If you are using an url you want to use templateUrl: instead
Kevin Vavelin
Oct 19 2016 12:40
Nice :smile: thank you ^^ a simple mistake :laughing:
Oct 19 2016 12:43
@kevin_vavelin_twitter No problem!
I'm getting strange behaviour with the ion-range
those very specific min/max values, the step to make it snap between the two, and the label makes the snapping tick go out of the screen
looks like in the css the tick gets a negative position value
Oct 19 2016 13:39
Is there any way to, by code, set the value of an ion-range?
and by value I mean set the value along with the position of the toggle
Oct 19 2016 18:55
how to inject window to component as DI?
Oct 19 2016 20:00
@Alx101 what are you trying to achieve with ion-range ? normally we set min=0 val=0 max=100 and step=1 but your min,max,step and val numbers are something strange may be you have specific requirement
Oct 19 2016 20:06
if you want to to toogle using ion-range with your numbers try this <ion-range step="2599.5" max="5199" min="0" snaps="true" [(ngModel)]="val"> and set val=2559.5
Shawn Makinson
Oct 19 2016 21:32
I am looking for some advice in getting ( SoundJS ) into Ionic 2. I did find the npm package: createjs-combined, but it appears it does not export createjs.
Oct 19 2016 22:02
Though I am using Ionic 1 for an older app I just have to say ARRRGGG when it comes to background tasks on iOS