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Oct 2016
Kyle Roach
Oct 24 2016 02:06
is there anyway to have different templates for ios/android?
Oct 24 2016 04:28
how to change the color label color in ionic2 ?
Oct 24 2016 05:03
im getting this error when i transition between pages using a menu, anyone have any ideas what i should look at to fix ?
main.js:6 TypeError: Cannot read property 'getTransitionName' of null
    at e._postViewInit (main.js:15)
    at e._viewTest (main.js:15)
    at e._nextTrns (main.js:15)
    at t.resolve (main.js:15)
    at e._trnsFinish (main.js:15)
    at t.invoke (polyfills.js:3)
    at Object.onInvoke (main.js:7)
    at t.invoke (polyfills.js:3)
    at (polyfills.js:3)
    at t.runInner (main.js:7)
its intermittent so i cant trackdown exactly which page is causing it
some times a page will and other times it wont
and the page i leave from doesnt need to matter either
though it seems to only happen on my android device im testing from.
if i use the chrome inspector and controll it from there i dont get the errors
Juan Heredia
Oct 24 2016 08:39
hi everyone!
I made a app that I have in beta 12
and its work perfectly
I change to RCO and in iOS Simulators works perfect
but in iOS in and iPad crash every random time
anyone have the same problem?
Oct 24 2016 08:45
@iRoachie I don't think you can switch the template istelf, but you got stuff like this:
@iRoachie maybe you can do an extension like you can do with the typescript files (template.ios.html/ , but I have not tested it
Juan Heredia
Oct 24 2016 10:34
to someone hangs the app in iOS With RC0? works but randomly crash
Kyle Roach
Oct 24 2016 11:12
@Alx101 what if i wanted to have tabs on iOS and sidemenu on android
Stephan Kristyn
Oct 24 2016 12:10
HI guys
This: "clean": "ionic-app-scripts clean --www",in package.json
is not cleaning out www
according to github page of ionic app scripts it should work, no?
Oct 24 2016 13:44
Hi! Can i set LOCALSTORAGE to default in @ionic/storage, now default set INDEXEDDB.
this._db.defineDriver(CordovaSQLiteDriver).then(() => this._db.setDriver([
    ])).then(() => {'Ionic Storage driver:', this._db.driver());
Or can i wait load storage before i can query param
Oct 24 2016 14:26
@iRoachie That is more difficult, as I said, look into if it's possible to use the .platform extensions (template.ios.html and
Juan Heredia
Oct 24 2016 14:35
anyone knows if I can return to a beta 12 from ionic rc0??????'
Kyle Roach
Oct 24 2016 14:39
@Alx101 Can anyone from core team confirm this? @mlynch
Oct 24 2016 17:36
Hey! Do you know whether it's possible to use social auth (facebook for example) in desktop browser as well as in-app?
Oct 24 2016 18:38
Implemented facebook ( but I would really like to leverage platform for my desktop users too
Juan Heredia
Oct 24 2016 19:28
anyone know how to return from ionic rc0 to beta 12??? I have really bad performance with rc0 in iOS
Alberto Margarido
Oct 24 2016 20:14
Hi @jherediagu . Do not know. Did you take a look at RC1 ?
Juan Heredia
Oct 24 2016 20:43
In iOS simulator works perfectly, but in iPad works so bad, bad performance, and crash
and I have a problem with keyboard, overload the input
@diveintechCom_twitter do you know how to solve it?
Oct 24 2016 23:05
Guys I have a big problem. I am using VS 2015 with TACO tools extension and I can build and run on iOS device attached to the networked Mac as well simulator on the Mac. However If I make a change in my .ts files and do another build this change is not propagated to device. I just use option Debug/iOS and Press Simulator - iPhone 6s Plus or Remote device button. Is this supposed to do another refreshed packaging for Mac Xcode iOS build agent which should build a new package and deploy it on the device. I simply don't know how to refresh my code after an initial deployment