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Oct 2016
Oct 25 2016 08:11
hey everyone, does anyone in here use sqlite as local storage and postgresql as server on develop mobile app ??
can you teach me how to sync between sqlite to postgresql??
Stephan Kristyn
Oct 25 2016 12:54
Hi guys I found a grave build stack bug and ionic app scripts just closed it and says "as deisgned".
When they told us community should help to make ionic success I was hoping for more than this
issue is:
ioni app scripts do not override assets folder
assets folder however is default best practice by ionic 2 team
Oct 25 2016 12:55
@nottinhill Agreed, this has become a pain-in-the-ass having to remember to delete the assets folder each time
Stephan Kristyn
Oct 25 2016 12:55
thus when i change stuff in my src/assets folder
I will open a new bug
and will post link here
and hope you guys comment on it
I did in depth testing
and I can confirm 100% it is a bug
or lets say a design fault
Kyle Roach
Oct 25 2016 12:59
Why don't you use gulp to clean out the www folder, then run the build.
then you could call ionic-app-scripts build from your gulp task when it's done
Stephan Kristyn
Oct 25 2016 13:04
Ionic Upgrade Log said to delete gulp
we dont use gulp anymore
I want one command like the last 8 months
ionic build. period.
If you break it, you need to fix it.
please comment on above bug
Kyle Roach
Oct 25 2016 13:06
I know, but in your case you can do that. When you run ionic build in the terminal it’ll run the build:before script in the package the json
then run the build script
you could change your build:before to a gulp task that clears the folder
"build:before": “gulp clean && build"
where clean beingthe name of your gulp task
it’s not an official way, but it’s a workaround
Stephan Kristyn
Oct 25 2016 15:04
I see thank you for that.
and that will fail
on windows OS
= bash
you could just "rm -rf && build"
which is also *nix only
Kyle Roach
Oct 25 2016 15:04
call it from the the gulp task then
Stephan Kristyn
Oct 25 2016 15:04
no need for gulp in any case
how to call gulp then
ah you mean ionic build?
team will strangle me if I switch to gulp from ionic
they will litteraly hang me on a tree
Kyle Roach
Oct 25 2016 15:05
it’s not a switch lol haha
you’ll still use normal cli commands
just behind the scenes it’ll do a gulp task before
No one has to get strangled :smile:
Stephan Kristyn
Oct 25 2016 15:06
ok hehe
but how to do withou && ?
I cant hav 2 build befores
Phil Baines
Oct 25 2016 15:47
Has anyone had issues with the menu format after updating to ionic 2 rc1?
Kyle Roach
Oct 25 2016 15:51
@nottinhill "build": "concurrently 'gulp clean' 'ionic-app-scripts build’",
lemme know if it works or nah
you’d need concurrently npm i concurrently
Bastian Bense
Oct 25 2016 15:59
I'd like to use an external JS library ( in my ionic 2 project - but now I'm confused about the typings stuff and what I have to do in an ionic2 project to use this tiny JS library in my code. So far I tried fiddling around with tsconfig.json but the stuff I find on google is mostly for previous releases/betas, so it doesn't really help me.
So, can someone give me a few quick bullets on what I have to do to import that parseUri()method from that package into my .ts files and use it there? Thanks!
Stephan Kristyn
Oct 25 2016 20:34
@iRoachie Ionic team acknoledged my bug and fixed it, will be rolled out in RC2
Question about Bi directional data binding
is type=number still working in ionic?
Kyle Roach
Oct 25 2016 23:01
@nottinhill i answered your question
Stephan Kristyn
Oct 25 2016 23:31
Thanks mate