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Oct 2016
Oct 27 2016 00:05
How enable setfocus input keyboard
Kyle Roach
Oct 27 2016 00:10
@idanwebzi It does actually i’m using it an app, swipe left and right
  <div (swipe)="userSwipe($event)">
   userSwipe($event) {
    if ($event.direction === 2) {
      // right swipe
    } else if ($event.direction === 4) {
      // left swipe
it uses cardinal points.
1 up
2 right
3 down
4 left
then in user method you can select another tab
 const t: Tabs = this.nav.parent;;
Oct 27 2016 02:32

halo every one, good morning from indonesian, i need help for answer my questions about ionic.
i want build app in mode offline and save data in local storage like sqlite because large data . then i want deposit to server or sync or replicate master to master like bucardo in postgres. can anyone help me to answer my question ?

thanks before and sorry for my bad english

Oct 27 2016 03:51
ionic work offline, sync online
Merel Staal
Oct 27 2016 08:09
Is Ionic Authenticate service based on OAuth? Or how does is work?
Oct 27 2016 19:09

Hey! I'm trying to use auth0 in my angular2 app. Here they have an example, which doesn't use dependency injection.
What I'm trying to do is to get it working with DI. I have:

  1. installed auth0, auth0-lock, @types/auth0 and @types/auth0-lock modules
  2. import Auth0 from 'auth0'; and import Auth0Lock from 'auth0-lock'; in my user-session.ts provider and provide it in the app module via providers.
  3. I'm trying to inject it in the constructor, like
    constructor(auth0: Auth0, lock: Auth0Lock) {}
    Now I'm stuck. I'm unable to figure out how to initialise Auth0 and pass Auth0ClientOptions ( This method gives me Cannot find name 'Auth0'. When I try to instantiate it in the injectable class
    auth0 = new Auth0(this.auth0ClientOptions);
    but then it's Cannot use 'new' with an expression whose type lacks a call or construct signature.

This is probably not auth0 specific, but my general ignorance towards DI inner workings..

Robert Galeano
Oct 27 2016 21:33
does anyone knows about this error when doing ionic run android on terminal??
bundle failed: Unexpected character '@'
that's the "@" from @Component