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Oct 2016
Oct 31 2016 04:15
anyone know of a good resource on getting build hooks (before_prepare, after_prepare etc) worksing for ionic 2 ?
Alexander Kalinovski
Oct 31 2016 09:14
Hi, everyone! Is it possible to use standard Angular 2 router instead of NavController?
So that the code becomes the same for web version and mobile version.
Kyle Roach
Oct 31 2016 14:34
@akalinovski What's the problem with NavController? It works in the browser
Junus Ergin
Oct 31 2016 21:58
Hello, i just started with the seed project "cutePuppyPics" v2. How can i remove the cordova icon and splash screen and use the standard ionic icon or my own instead? Thank you very much for your help!
Junus Ergin
Oct 31 2016 22:35
I think i figured it out. copying and icon.png to /resources and running $ ionic resourcesmade it