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Nov 2016
Nov 03 2016 07:13
hey guys, i have question about <ion-item> in ionic 2
in ionic version 1 i can use ui-sref in <ion-item> for redirect to other page. does ionic 2 can use ui-sref like ionic 1. can you explain to me about this ??
Alberto Margarido
Nov 03 2016 11:31
hey guys! So I m pretty new on design stuff. Looking for some design templates for ionic2. Yep, already started googling. If anyone already have some preference on some template I would like to hear. Thanks in advance!
Kyle Roach
Nov 03 2016 13:20
@ikhsanputra07 You’ll have to add a click event then bind it to a function that navigates with the TabController or NavController.
WEBER Antoine
Nov 03 2016 15:37
Hello guys! Do someone know how to compile an ionic2 app as an Android Launcher ? (in plain android dev, it's only a matter of changing some xml to hide the title bar and add an intent )
Kyle Roach
Nov 03 2016 16:42
@diveintechCom_twitter What kind of app you’re making?
Alberto Margarido
Nov 03 2016 16:48
Hi @iRoachie , making an app to read my sites REST data. Later I ll look to make it different/beautiful.
Roland Groza
Nov 03 2016 20:12
is anyone else getting
[21:56:53]  Error: Cannot determine the module for class ClickBlock in 
[21:56:53]  Cannot determine the module for class TranslatePipe in 
[21:56:53]  ngc failed 
[21:56:53]  ionic-app-script task: "build" 
[21:56:53]  Error: Error
when running ionic-app-scripts build
with ionic2 rc.1 and ionic-app-scripts
at latest (0.0.39 I think)