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Nov 2016
Nov 09 2016 03:37
hey everyone, does anyone in here use read more option to show paragraph in ionic 2. can you explain to me how to use that ??
Nov 09 2016 03:40
Hello, somebody can help me with a error in Ionic 2 plz?
Nov 09 2016 06:37

Ionic2 faccing speed issue.... sidebar flickers on clicking on menu link. :(

Any hope ? Please help

@jhon2307 yes.... share your prob :)
Andrew Graham-Yooll
Nov 09 2016 10:10
@Lightheaded Completely agree there must be a better way. I wonder if future realeases will resolve this...
@jhon2307 What error?
Ashley Hitchcock
Nov 09 2016 10:16
Anybody have any experience with the Deeplinks.routeWithNavController method?
I want to be able to pass some some params through to the component when the path is matched but this does not seem to be documented. For example like this: '/the-path': {component: Category, params: { taxonomyType: 'tags', taxonomylabel: 'a label I want to use' }},
Nov 09 2016 14:28
Ok, thanks for help me! @Nishchit14 @andrewgy8 . The problem is when I try to test my app on a real device. I use "ionic run android" and all its ok, but when the program finish the app doesn't work in my celphone. I can see all, but I can't do anything, like a freeze screen... Sorry for my englis :(... And thanks for help me!
Andrew Graham-Yooll
Nov 09 2016 14:33
@jhon2307 This can be caused by many things. We will try to help. First, when you run "ionic run android", are there any errors? Second, if you look in the console of you browser, you should see a "connected devices" option and be able to access the console of the connected device. There you can check to see if there are any errors at startup. Report back what you find anything.
Nov 09 2016 17:54
Hi everybody, who can tell me how to apply a mode(md or iOS) on a specific view/component on ionic2 RC2 ?
Kyle Roach
Nov 09 2016 18:00
Have you tried adding the platform class when you enter the component ?
Nov 09 2016 18:23
Nope cos I don't know how to do it...
You mean here : @Component({
selector: 'page-payment',
templateUrl: 'payment.html',
providers: [GetData]