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Nov 2016
Nov 21 2016 03:05
Hey everyone, does anyone know about autocomplete in ionic 2?? In version 1. i use angular-material plugin. But i can't find this in ionic 2.
i want to make autocomplete like this.
hope you can help me. hehehehe
Kyle Roach
Nov 21 2016 11:39
@ekiyanov you mean an ionic 2 project without typescript ?
Adrián de la Rosa
Nov 21 2016 12:29
Hi, I am thinking about reusing code for a desktop web app into an ionic app. What do you think it's the best approach? Right now I'm thinking of making another entry file which bootstraps a custom ionic shell which reuses components, all in the same project. I don't know how well would it integrate with my build tools (right now I am using angular-cli). What do you think? Any experiences?
Kyle Roach
Nov 21 2016 12:33
I guess you could have the two projects in separate folders then have a shared folder where you keep the reusable code
It should be a problem importing or using any of the files since angular uses relative paths for includes
Alberto Margarido
Nov 21 2016 20:22
Hi All ! So... while reading my http (json data) request and mapping to an array I get object->object->title . I want to reach the title. Found this: but i m not sure if has an simpler way.