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Nov 2016
Andrew Graham-Yooll
Nov 23 2016 12:06
@diveintechCom_twitter Im not sure what the issue is exactly, but you can try inserting this <pre>{{ | json}}</pre> to help you debug. It might give you a bit more info.
Antonio Gallo
Nov 23 2016 12:16
Why this.nav.push(MapPage) keeps calling the constructor of MapPage every time? isn't page/template caching working in Ionic2?
Valentyn Shybanov
Nov 23 2016 12:51
@badpenguin template caching is not object caching
@badpenguin MapPage is a class. not instance
Alberto Margarido
Nov 23 2016 16:09
@andrewgy8 thanks for the tip. No issues so far now.