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Nov 2016
Nov 26 2016 06:16
Hi Guys, I need some help in Ionic 2
I tried to build an app using Ionic 2 which contains the side menu. I want the side menu to be opened and fixed for resolution more than 768px. How can I achieve it in Ionic 2? like we use expose-aside-when="large" attr for <ion-side-menu> tag in Ionic 1 can we use anything for <ion-menu> tag in Ionic 2? Please give me the solution...
Junus Ergin
Nov 26 2016 16:18
Hello, i'm trying to push an ionic 2 app to the windows store. I did cordova build --release windows which created two .appxupload files. After uploading these files to the Windows Store it tells me that the package identity, the package family and the package publisher is wrong. Where can i set these values in my ionic 2 app? Thank you in advance.