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Nov 2016
Obed Osei Frimpong
Nov 29 2016 08:32
Hello guys, does anyone know where I can buy themes for ionic 2 app? All themes seems to be ionic 1
Nov 29 2016 14:33

I'm trying to implement SecureStorage across multiple components in my Ionic 2 app (building on an iPad). However, there isn't much Angular2/Ionic2-specific documentation so I'm having trouble getting a value in one component after I've set it in another.

In home.ts:

this.secureStorage = new SecureStorage();

Then, in schedule.ts:

this.secureStorage = new SecureStorage();

Even though the auth_token was set in home.ts, it's not available in schedule.ts.

Does anybody have any experience on this topic? Thanks!

Rob Wormald
Nov 29 2016 18:56
you should use dependency injection for this
have a SecureStorage class, and inject it
Graham Baldeck
Nov 29 2016 23:06
Hi guys, I'm fairly new to Angular 2 and Ionic 2 and I just finished building my first app
I had to include JQuery at one point because I needed to manipulate the internal message of a toast element
but it feels like a hack
Whats the recommended Angular2/Ionic2 way to get the toast elements element ref and traverse it's children until I find the one with the toast-message css class?
*toast element's