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Dec 2016
Tushar Balar
Dec 15 2016 10:03
Hello everyone,
I am using latest version of ionic 2.
My code has a <ion-content padding><form></form></ion-content> with a text input inside of it. When I try to type something in there on Android the whole page gets pushed upwards by the keyboard.
is there any solutions ?
Dec 15 2016 15:24
Has anybody had problems using Ionic-Native's Network with iOS? Mine was working fine and Network.connection would yield something like 'wifi' or 'none' but since yesterday it's just been undefined.
^ Using cordova-plugin-network-information
Dec 15 2016 23:02
Hello, I am looking to develop a pwd in Ionic and Angular2, is there any Github repo to kick things off?
I don't need any of the Cordova stuff
as I am looking for pure pwa