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Dec 2016
Víctor Felipe Godoy Hernández
Dec 28 2016 01:43 UTC
Dec 28 2016 02:52 UTC
Hey got a noob question,
Moving from native to ionic hybrid,
So submission to play store
My download count of previous app will get reset?
Can I push this whole new hybrid app as an update
Or have to be a new submission
With download, ranking all to zero?!
Mahdi MP
Dec 28 2016 07:55 UTC
hi there , i have a question about loading delay and blank page on my new ionic2 app . the application has nothing but loading JSON object from WebServicve and displaying photos and titles from it . i decreased splash screen displaying time to 3 seconds , after splash screen , a blank screen is displayed for 7 seconds . what i must do to make it faster to load and not show that blank screen .? thank you
Aamir Shah
Dec 28 2016 14:03 UTC
Hi, is there any way to get active tab in my component class, i want to change active tab color manually, any help is appreciated. Thanks :)
Dec 28 2016 17:40 UTC
I'm building an ionic2 app using ngrx/store and effects . When I do a "production" build none of my ngrx stuff is working. No errors, nothing. Just a "blank" list ionic2 uses webpack to build. Any known issues with that ?
Jacob Carter
Dec 28 2016 21:23 UTC

Anyone else having the problem of this command not running?

ionic start myApp --v2 tabs

Jacob Carter
Dec 28 2016 21:39 UTC
nvm ^ upgrade to node v6 fixes
Dec 28 2016 23:53 UTC
Hi, I am completely frustrated with ionic-audio
I am using ionic 2, and almost a day trying to figure out how to play local mp3 files
hopefully someone here can give me a hint