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Jan 2017
Nishanth Mane
Jan 06 2017 10:26
iam trying to integrate third party library but since ionic 2 has its own css components and UI settings, the library UI is not working properly. I think it depends on bootstrap. Can i use bootstrap css with ionic 2? is there any thing i should be aware of before proceeding with this?
Nishanth Mane
Jan 06 2017 11:14
Okay i found how i can do this, but there is no documentation on configuring webpack or other config files
where is the config for webpack loacated
Nishanth Mane
Jan 06 2017 11:49
Managed to inlucde the bootstrap css but it conflicts with ionic styles and takes priority over some css rules
Alexandre Almeida
Jan 06 2017 12:53
Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to override the backdrop dismiss "event" to pass data from a modal to the parent view. I don't want to set the "enableBackdropDismiss" to false as this would create an uneven experience across the application. I want users to be able to close the modals both on the "x" button and by clicking the backdrop. The behaviour should be the same though.
Jan 06 2017 14:19
Module '"/node_modules/ionic-native/dist/es5/index"' has no exported member 'FilePath'.
Víctor Felipe Godoy Hernández
Jan 06 2017 14:27
Jan 06 2017 14:30
What is wrong? Why can't I use FilePath?
Jan 06 2017 15:42
was wondering is there a way to create a component in angular 2 and consume in ionic 2 app
François BIGOT
Jan 06 2017 18:00
@raparlasiva mean by consume ?
You could create a component in angular2 in same way in Ionic if it's your question
Anton Novikov
Jan 06 2017 20:11
Hi! I try to use color node module in project.
Install it npm install color
Add declare module "color"; in declarations.d.ts
Try to import import { Color } from 'color';
It compled successful but in runtime error appears __webpack_require__.i(...) is not a function
What I do wrong?
Anton Novikov
Jan 06 2017 20:36
Fix it by changing import { Color } from 'color'; to import Color from 'color';