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Jan 2017
Nishanth Mane
Jan 07 2017 00:49
canyone please tell when i require a file in node_module it is not resolved and i get the message 'cannot find module', and in the browser source path its not present too. I made some changes to webpack config to include css looaders.But still it doesnt work. Is it related to webpack, rollup or do i have to include it in www by changing the copy.config file?
i am using relative path to reach to the file, here is the require statement i used,
and when using css loader appeneded "css!" to the beginning of above path
Dhyanandra Singh
Jan 07 2017 12:10
i want to add notifications in my app when i'm adding ionic push --google-api-key <your-google-api-key> it will through error i.e. App not found