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Jan 2017
Idan & Carolina
Jan 22 2017 08:57
Hey someone have some hack to overcome the scrolling issue when the keyboard is opened? using ion-input insetead of regular input 10x
Idan & Carolina
Jan 22 2017 10:12
also there is a free ionic 2 templates to learn from them?
Nishanth Mane
Jan 22 2017 10:49
How to resolve css style conflicts? given that most of the angular 2 plugins use boostrap or something similar which conflicts with ionic styles. recenly i used bootstrap and it conflicted with a class applied to labels which sets the color to white. Should i use encapsulate such things in a components?
Eg: i have a plugin using boostrap so i create a componenet in which the plugin is used and using styleUrls i specify the style sheets of boostrap and enable shadow DOM
Jan 22 2017 14:37
You can get bootstrap in SCSS and hand pick your styles out of it and build a completely custom style for the component. I did something similar on a desktop app when I wanted bootstraps date picker but nothing else.