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Feb 2017
Feb 08 2017 05:32
@letsila thank you. it's helpful
Oliver Henrique
Feb 08 2017 11:58
Good morning guys
I can't show slide pager on ionic 2 rc0
Someone know how i can do this? Please
Andrew Graham-Yooll
Feb 08 2017 12:14
@oliverhm Not sure about the answer without code, but out of curiosity, why are you still on RC0?
Oliver Henrique
Feb 08 2017 12:32
@andrewgy8 I'll update to 2.0.0 and test again.
Andrew Graham-Yooll
Feb 08 2017 12:33
When you do, make sure to check the changelog as well.
There have been changes along the way, throughout the Rc0-RC6
Oliver Henrique
Feb 08 2017 14:01
Yeap, @andrewgy8 thanks, because i update my project and now its working.
Feb 08 2017 14:46
i have a problem to import HTTP_PROVIDERS in my app.component.ts file, getting error like this, no exported member 'HTTP_PROVIDERS' can anyone help me to solve this issue
Diego Cubissimo Lopes
Feb 08 2017 20:13

Hello Guys, I briefly read the feed, i want to ask... is there a way to redirect to a page after login using ngrx/effect.. i mean in a ngrx/effect way... something like this:

@Effect() auth_success$ = this.actions$
    .map(auth => navCtrl.setRoot(HomePage));

but as we now.. i cant access navCtrl in this way... someone can point me in the right direction? i'm new in redux world :)

Lukas Heddendorp
Feb 08 2017 20:59
I come to you with this page and this performance
With the current code I managed to get the delay after the transition but there still is a .5s white page until the posts show up. I think ten posts should not cause that.
Has anyone ideas on what I might do wrong and / or tips how to improve that situation?
I'd also be glad for just general ideas on angular performance issues and how to diagnose them
Daniel Tabuenca
Feb 08 2017 22:34
@Isigiel run a profile and see where the time is being spent.