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Feb 2017
Oliver Henrique
Feb 15 2017 13:57 UTC
Hello everyone? how do I cache images to make sure they are showed even if the app is on offline mode?
@jayh92 did you imported FusionChartsModule in app.module.ts?
Feb 15 2017 14:22 UTC
I did - "import { FusionChartsComponent } from 'angular2-fusioncharts';"
And then I tried putting FusionChartsComponent in my Declarations, and my entryComponents but still always get that same error.
Feb 15 2017 14:53 UTC
Looks like they don't have angular2 module support yet.
Feb 15 2017 16:25 UTC
Also +1 for @oliverhm 's question
Maybe it could help, but i didn't try yet.