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Feb 2017
Stephan Kristyn
Feb 21 2017 00:36
Hi I have a problem,seeing this error:
net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (file:///android_asset/www/index.html)
any ideas what it could be?
Ryan Santos
Feb 21 2017 02:52
hey guys...pretty nub to ionic and typescript but when declaring an obect and it has an array for properties, how do I assign it here. I'm trying to concatenate the url below to be subject to change depending on the users search....i can hold up to 50 cells in this array
albums: string;
  topTracks: string;
  relArtists: string;
  artist: any = ["6rqhFgbbKwnb9MLmUQDhG6",];

curl ""

  constructor(public http: Http) { }
  fetchData(): void {

    //Build the URL that will be used to access the API based on the users current preferences
    let url = '' + this.{artist} + '/' + this.albums + '/.json?limit=' + this.perPage;
totally wrong channel
my bad!
oh no nevermind....thought it was just Angular 2 yea is my data binding here incorrect?
messing with Spotifys API with some instructional stuff from Joshua Morony...his stuff is awesome...and the more i get into object oriented ts, the more excited i get about what it can do!
Ryan Santos
Feb 21 2017 03:03
i almost feel like I have to put the the artist IDs in a different component all together. Their API docs allow up to 50 IDs for the artist object
Ryan Santos
Feb 21 2017 03:10

almost forgot the most important piece of this puzzle...the URI link with the URI of the artist ID

This open data API source is pretty awesome...gotta be careful with the keys but shouldn't be a problem

Ryan Santos
Feb 21 2017 03:25
nvm...just found out it was just me getting overly excited ....i dont have to use any kind of bracket notation here to use the artist property..><;
Aamir Shah
Feb 21 2017 07:27
how to get swipe up gesture in ionic 2? P.S i know that there is swipe right and swipe left gestures, but i need swipe up gesture, any help will be appreciated :)
Feb 21 2017 07:33
Hey guys have a small query.. I am about to develop a friend location real-time tracker like mobile app on ionic 2. Backend would be firebase real-time database. Is it good to develop ionic 2 app or native ? Which one would you guys suggest me ? I'm so darn confused about this. Could anyone please enlighten me on native or hybrid choice ? Your timely support and help will be much appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.