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Feb 2017
Franz Fabian Schmid
Feb 26 2017 13:11 UTC
Hi all, I have a DetailView for real estates in my ionic 2 app and try to output data in the template with a combination of async pipe and NgFor. Data like labels, validation, etc are coming from formProperties observable (ngrx ui state) and the values of the real estate come from realEstate observable (ngrx realEstates state). How can I correct my view to show the values of the real estate next to the inherent label? The formProperties holds the string for the key to access the value belonging to the label. My approach in the example is not working, but I don't know any other approach. Would be nice, if you could help me with the syntax.
Feb 26 2017 18:26 UTC
hey guys, I have a question. I create a (ionScrollEnd)="scrollEnd()" on ion-content for testing I only increment a variable this.x++ but x is not increase in the view. Same thing i tried with a button and a click event... and this works