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Mar 2017
Ryan Santos
Mar 11 2017 10:50
hey guys...i landed a small gig on freelancer for helping out with some issues with the template they got from's pretty bulky and there are a ton of modules....too many for me to handle to be honest. I was wondering if someone can lend some advice on Pipes and JSON API config files and how to get this template up and running with their Wordpress site with WooCommerce as the back end
tough tough
It's a client so I don't think I should divulge too much info here but I'll probably as generic questions regarding making JSON RESTapi calls
anyone available?
Grant Rowley
Mar 11 2017 14:51

Hey people, I ran into a bit of an issue while developing on ionic 2. I have a list view that has items with a click event to push another page onto the stack:

this.navCtrl.push(ProfileDetailPage, {
    profile: profile

However once that page loads I need to make another api call and parse the detail template but it seems to parse before the api call I make in the detail constructor() how would I go about getting more data for the view