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Mar 2017
Mar 20 2017 01:55
Anyone know how to change the height of ion-item
EJ Frias
Mar 20 2017 03:32
Hello, I'm trying to do a cookie based login app. I got the Set-Cookie from the header but the cookies are not being set. Tried it on Chrome and Firefox but still no luck. Any idea why the cookies are not being set?
Mar 20 2017 14:23
hello guys, Can you work with lazy load on ionic 2?
Nick Capito
Mar 20 2017 17:05
@losorio2015_twitter we use ngrx + ionic 2. What issues are you having?
Mar 20 2017 21:20

@NCapito_twitter , I have some doubts:

  • Do you know any seeds, ionic and ngrx, that you recommend to me?
  • ionic-cli have some conflict with ngrx, could they work together?
  • since which version of ionic can you work with ngrx ?
  • Is it just as fast as a native app?
  • How about your experience with ionic and ngrx, is it fast, scalable for a large app?
  • works well with a 3G internet connection?

I will appreciate your comments.

Mar 20 2017 21:57
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Paul Parton
Mar 20 2017 23:37
Hey guys, has anyone managed to get ng.probe to work using ionic 2?