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Mar 2017
Mike Shreek
Mar 22 2017 05:38
Is the slow boot time issue has been fixed already?
Matthias Tylkowski
Mar 22 2017 11:56
@Leafeanking into the assets folder
Mar 22 2017 12:25
Hi! I'm trying to test a contribution, consisting on a small change in a sass file. When I run gulp e2e, as suggested by the docs, I can see the material design version of the component. How could I see the effects in ios?
Stephan Kristyn
Mar 22 2017 13:06
Has anybody had luck to disable Cordova Console.logs?
Matthias Tylkowski
Mar 22 2017 14:39
@nottinhill this may help you
Mar 22 2017 15:28
Can anyone please help me to connect angular 2 with parse and tell me how to make api calls to parse parse documentations is kind of outdated please help me to make it work
Mar 22 2017 17:09
Anyone got any idea on how to use redirect URL inside ionic 2 app ? Like I get the response from my API as a redirect URL .. should I use an inapp browser plugin to open the redirect URL .. basically it's for Google and Facebook authentication using a nodejs based deployd API builder which handles the user registeration and login part using this social module called passport.
Any help from someone is much appreciated as I'm nearing the deadline of this project and this issue is bugging me with sleepless nights.
Give this a shot and let me know as I can see that the post is just a few months old and should work with the parse backend flawlessly.
Hope it helps you out in clearing some basic issues with parse backend integration.
Nick Capito
Mar 22 2017 18:21
@kkrishnan90 are you trying to setup something like localhost:9000/oauth?callback=xxxx
Mar 22 2017 18:22
@NCapito_twitter no Nick. My URL looks something like this localhost:2403/auth/Google
This yeilds me a response with redirect URL which I redirect to inapp browser. But this doesn't event open the link.
Nick Capito
Mar 22 2017 18:39
Trying to figure out if this is post or pre authentication. So the redirect that comes back from auth/google (assuming this is your node passport api) is it tryin to launch google to authorize the user ?
Mar 22 2017 18:49
@NCapito_twitter yeah you're right, it comes back from passport API as a response. No it's not trying to launch Google to authorize the user inside the app. Rather the same scenario works perfectly on my desktop browser . Hope you got my point ?
Nick Capito
Mar 22 2017 20:24
Correct. I would assume you are supposed to launch them inapp
its not the same scenario but it might be useful
On a sep. note, is anyone out there using ionic-cloud to package their app ? We want to use the AppAvailability ionic-native plugin (that wraps cordova-plugin-appavailability ) but it requires us to modify the plist. I went and created a hook to do this only to find out ionic cloud doesn't support them. Any suggestions ?
I did file an issue which might give me some info on how to pull it off. driftyco/ionic-package-hooks#31