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Mar 2017
Aliaksei Kuncevič
Mar 28 2017 00:11
i c
Aliaksei Kuncevič
Mar 28 2017 02:53
i will update if discover anything
Mar 28 2017 12:06
hi people.. im new here and im new to ionic 2 too.. i have a small problem with ionic 2.. i want to use this library to drag and arrange images inside a div.. im using ionic 2 and can anyone help me with this.. ( library i want to use - )
Dave Horan
Mar 28 2017 13:12
@DanielKucal Nice repo.
@kuncevic Seems a little too soon for Angular4.
Daniel Kucal
Mar 28 2017 15:16

I'm currently trying to compile example project on Ionic2 and this is a mess. Emulation works via Android Studio but does not when I use cordova or ionic cli commands with following error:

Error: Could not find gradle wrapper within Android SDK. Might need to update your Android SDK.
Looked here: /Users/danielkucal/Library/Android/sdk/tools/templates/gradle/wrapper

Also to make it work in Android Studio I had to edit build files (sic!) to manually upgrade gradle from 2.14.1 to 3.3... Any ideas?
Mar 28 2017 16:38
@DanielKucal , im not a pro.. but i think you have to update your android sdk.. my home pc gave me this kind of error and i fixed it after updating my android sdk apis upto 25 as i remember..
Mar 28 2017 19:09
Is anyone here proficient with Ionic's deploy functionality/automatic updates? I am having trouble getting mine to work. I have posted my issue on stack overflow:
Brian Frank
Mar 28 2017 20:12
@DanielKucal If you recently installed the Android-SDK, you may be experiencing the issue I’ve outlined here:
As of early March til yesterday, Android SDK Tools completely dropped the android command line tool and a few others that affect Ionic & Cordova builds
The good news is they just now released another SDK-Tools version that re-implements the android command! I havent tested it yet but am in the process of doing so now.
Brian Frank
Mar 28 2017 20:18
Look @ the SDK-Tools release notes for versions 25.3.0 versus 26.0.0 to see what i mean