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Mar 2017
Mar 31 2017 00:09
Someone help me decrypt input with bcryptjs?
text: 'Authenticate',
handler: data =>{
this.result = Bcryptjs.compareSync(data, "$2a$06$BLaLTSB8AixB.bd4OLNKuOc.CXMS/I27haszcgITbN6niSuAZhv1y");
this gives me a error
import * as Bcryptjs from "bcryptjs";
is the improt
Mar 31 2017 01:54
Anyone else experiencing weird issues with regards to using AG2IO2 with VS2017?
Dominik Weber
Mar 31 2017 11:57
do anyone knowhow i can include an ionic component in a custom component?
iam getting always parse error [ERROR ->]<ion-infinite-scroll
Oliver Henrique
Mar 31 2017 12:52
@do-web I believe yes, because recently i added angular component inside
a custom component.
Prajwal GP
Mar 31 2017 15:20
I'm trying to to get the token for push notifications using ionic native firebase plugin, how to initialize the plugin ??
Justin J. Janes
Mar 31 2017 19:26
Anyone using AWS Cognito logins via Ionic?