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Apr 2017
Apr 03 2017 05:38

i am facing problem in using "events" in ionic2. I want to update the notification counter in my app. e.g if i receive any push notification for message i will increase the counter by 1 and once the message is read i will decrease it by 1.

//in app.component when i receive push notification
this.appService.updateCounter();'global:counter', 1);

//in my page where i want to show updated counter'global:counter', (count) => {
this.notificationCounter += count;

currently the counter is increment by 1 but didn't show up on the screen until i refresh it.

i want to show it immediately the counter value is updated.
Harald Wiesinger
Apr 03 2017 12:43
nobody has an idea for the login problem wrapping angularfire2? when i login using native login, i have problems to bring my received data to the frontend.. if i toggle the sidemenu for example.. the received data suddenly appears
without native login, all works fine
Naoki Chau
Apr 03 2017 15:50
Hey guys, do you have any errors when upload your app using v3 cli?
Apr 03 2017 21:30
I am so lost regarding how to structure my app... someone would be kind enough to share his precious knowledge with me by answering some of my questions during something like a 15min. Skype or (or similar tool like Thanks in advance!