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Apr 2017
yazhe wang
Apr 05 2017 00:05
I have an idea about transparent toolBar and statusBar.
The discussion:
👻Here the DEMO:
Apr 05 2017 09:53
Hi there for a child-view should I declare it in the entryComponent?
Apr 05 2017 09:54
Hello everyone! Just curious to understand if anyone has worked with sliding markers in ionic 2 ?
Please do let me know how did you import it and work around with the imported marker..
Also this unobtrusive sliding marker for Google maps work only with js map and not native plugin. Any luck to get it working on native ionic 2 Google map plugin ?
Help on this is much appreciated ! Thanks to all in advance
Apr 05 2017 10:34
Guys, what is the best practice to navigate between pages: 1/ use push() 2/ use navPush attribute?
Róbert Kiss
Apr 05 2017 10:47
if you would like to back to the page one use navControl.pop()
Apr 05 2017 14:07