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Apr 2017
Mike Shreek
Apr 07 2017 03:16
Anyone knows how to debug ionic v2 apps using vscode?
Okafor Ikenna
Apr 07 2017 09:58
good day devs, I am trying to use ionic's Storage.forEach() but I keep getting a 'forEach does not exist on undefined'. I also need to know the difference between Storage and IonicStorageModule.
@m00g33k Install cordova-tools extension. You can also use ionic run -l then op
open chrome dev tools
You'll be able to debug on a real device
Okafor Ikenna
Apr 07 2017 11:25
Sorry ionic run android -l
Bilal Abdullah
Apr 07 2017 12:51
Has anyone had any success using ionic 2 and webrtc, I keep trying different plugins with no success
Nikita A. Koroed
Apr 07 2017 14:14
Any idea about how to make stub for Security Storage in browser?
In any case i get error Error: No provider for SecureStorage!