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Apr 2017
Manuel Guillén
Apr 17 2017 00:39
Hi Guys, do you know what is the best option for an Ionic 2 Chat with Java Server technology? I was reading about atmosphere
Prajwal GP
Apr 17 2017 07:51
Does ion-tab support URL routing??
Pavel Šindelka
Apr 17 2017 07:54
Hi guys, I have a problem... When I run my app in emulator that works but when I build and install to real device (Android) then app shows page not found and ip adress
Nikita A. Koroed
Apr 17 2017 07:57
@pavel-sindelka try to remove and add android platform again
Pavel Šindelka
Apr 17 2017 07:58
ok thanks, I will try
Miroslav Kaspar
Apr 17 2017 09:42
Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who would like to contribute a simple Ionic app template for use with Apiko . I will guide you with everything, just PM me
Prajwal GP
Apr 17 2017 13:46
Hi guys, does anyone tried the url routing with the ion-split panel??
Apr 17 2017 16:40