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Apr 2017
Ankit Kumar
Apr 20 2017 08:31
can someone help in angular 2?
i am getting "Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https"
XMLHttpRequest cannot load localhost:8083/api/v1/inspectionPlanDetails
localhost:8083 is the location where my rest Api is deployed
using spring boot
Apr 20 2017 16:13
Hey guys I'm building an ionic electron app and I need to get the user's home directory process is not available. os.homedir() is not working either
Apr 20 2017 18:06
@Ankit548Ankit_twitter you did not specify a protocol:// identifier in the request, right ?
Crystal R Williams
Apr 20 2017 18:15
when using form builder/form groups is there anyway to set the formgroup as invalid?
Kim Biesbjerg
Apr 20 2017 20:39
content.resize() does not seem to adjust size to new height after adding footer toolbar for ion-content when it is not the active view. Any ideas how to work around that?
To clarify: I'm adding the toolbar to multiple screens, calling content.resize() on Content-component for each screen and only the active screen's ion-content is resized.