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Apr 2017
Apr 23 2017 07:59
Is it possible to create SubPages of a Page? In terms of: ionic g page admin && ionic g page admin/overview > Resulting in a Page 'admin', but containing a sub folder 'overview' which I can make the page 'admin' automatically navigate to?
To make it clear - there are several roles in my application, and each role has their own set of views. Currently, I have it like 'admin-overview','admin-userlist','user-overview' etc all in the same folder 'pages'
Tom McKearney
Apr 23 2017 15:31
Hey all, I am trying to use momentjs in my ionic2 app. I did an npm install --save of momentjs, but when I add
import * as moment from 'moment'; in my page, I get an error "cannot find module 'moment'".
Anyone have ideas?
Pavel Šindelka
Apr 23 2017 16:45
Hi guys, how to change wwwDir from ./www to ./dist?
Stephan Kristyn
Apr 23 2017 23:08
@Pavel I doubt that that is in anyway recommended and you would edit a lot of config files, foremost tsconfig, webpack config etc
In essence: did anybody get Karma working with Ionic 3 (or 3) ?