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Apr 2017
Apr 24 2017 13:15
I want to connect my Couch db to my angular 2 Application, but i don't know how? where to start?
Tom McKearney
Apr 24 2017 15:30
I'd probably look in the "angular" room
So, ionic2 doesn't seem to have a default way of displaying form validation messages? that seems odd to me
Cosmin Dumitrache
Apr 24 2017 16:26
is there an easy way to implement a responsive master/detail view in ionic 2?
Apr 24 2017 16:52
Does someone else experience this? Using Math.Random to display a random value on the screen and then navigating to another page results in a blank white screen.
Tom McKearney
Apr 24 2017 19:13
Hey all, I'm using an <ion-datetime> and it's giving me an error with my datetime format.. I'm passing in "2017-04-24T19:12:53.079Z" and it's complaining that it's not a valid ISO 8601 datetime
but as far as I know, that is a valid ISO 8601 datetime
Tom McKearney
Apr 24 2017 19:19
no matter what I send it, it doesn't like it: "2017-04-24T15:19:05-04:00" doesn't work either
Tom McKearney
Apr 24 2017 20:28
man it's busy in here... #smartass
Erik August Johnson
Apr 24 2017 21:51
Anyone gotten the “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Ionic’ of undefined” when testing with TestBed?