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May 2017
May 05 2017 03:36
Hello devs ! Are there any standard coding guidelines available for ionic 2?? Like the services related to the API to be in the providers folder. All templates in component HTML.. similar to these ? I'm trying to figure out the best practices but not able to figure out any on the web.
Also it would be better if someone can also suggest me the best yeoman generator for ionic 2 based apps as it might give devs like us a good path to start with..any thoughts or suggestions on this is much appreciated. Thanks to all in advance
Crystal R Williams
May 05 2017 14:38
hi i'm working on an app that contains a page displaying two options. when the user clicks one of the options i push whatever page the user has selected, but my problem is the page with the options might have a url of /options but when i push a page /options goes away. how can I keep /options as the url when I push that page?